Social Media Power For 2016? What About SEO?

The year 2016 was the year that was dominated by social media. The biggest player on the scene is of course Facebook who has now enjoyed several years of dominance in the social media space. Unfortunately for Facebook, there have been other big sites that have been gaining popularity rapidly. The primary reason for this is because Facebook has almost become too popular and Generation Y doesn’t want their parents snooping on everything they post on their wall. Instead, they have gotten smart and moved on to newer and more private platforms that keep their activities secret from he prying eyes of the adult community.

In the last few months it has been reported that Snapchat has been growing rapidly and on course to overtake Twitter and Instagram in the top three social media platforms. Matt, From Oregon Web SEO, reports that the simplicity and privacy of the platform are the biggest reasons for the massive growth spurt it has experienced. Facebook however is a master of copying and implementing the technology of other social networks and has developed a plan to strike back. Recently, Facebook purchased the mega popular social media platform Instagram, and began implementing Snapchat features within it. In fact, Instagram made no effort to hide the fact it copied Snapchat completely and now allows users to post short videos and photo that will auto delete after 24 hours. This model is identical to Snapchats, the only difference is the Instagram Stories feature will post to your entire Instagram feed which is much more public than Snapchats.

Now, in another effort to destroy any potential competitor that could unseat Facebook they have now released a new application called Lifestage. Similar to Snapchat, Lifestage will allow people to somewhat privately post short videos that their friends can see. Unfortunately for us older folks, Lifestage is only available for people under the age of 21 and you can only communicate with people from your school. To me, this application seems very limiting and I highly doubt this will overtake Snapchat anytime soon.

2016 was also the decline of a few different social media platforms, most notably Twitter. News reports have reported that Twitter has struggled since its creation and never really turned a profit like it was intended to do. After going public, Twitter has had a few high profile problems, along with being taken over almost primarily by robots. Like Facebook, Twitter has attempted to copy the live video functionality of Periscope and Facebook Live but it hasn’t really caught on. Pinterest is another social network that saw a sharp decline in 2016. When Pinterest was first launched it more or less took over the social media space allowing people to discover millions of new design concepts, recipes, and other creative inspiration. Women especially seemed to flick to Pinterest and built huge pages pinning anything they found interesting to their wall. Over time though, the limited functionality of Pinterest has hurt the platform and it has slowly declined.

So far, 2016 has been one of the biggest years of all time for social media. While the web still plays a huge roll, social media is growing larger by the day. At this point, it’s mandatory for business’s to get involved in social media or risk being left behind by your competition. For many business owners, the Facebook algorithm change really hurt their social media presence and many have grown discouraged and given up. For tech savvy business owners, there are still many great ways to use social media that will benefit your bottom line and help draw in new customers. By utilizing a balanced strategy of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogging one can reach larger audiences than was every possible prior.

Now, lets not forget On Page SEO! If you are building an online business and now have a great grasp of social media and what it can offer you, don’t forget about good old on page search engine optimization! If your website isn’t set up properly, you can point the moon at it, but it won’t do you much good. What you need is a good Portland marketing company like Oregon Web solutions.


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