Working With The Law Of Attraction


The law of attraction is a popular subject in the world today. Not but 10 years ago, not many people could have told you what it is or what it is about.

The boom really came after the movie “The Secret”. Rhonda Bern followed here heart after reading “The Science Of getting Rich” and put together a movie that really rocked the world. To think that one small movie could change so many lives including my own. Having featured coaches like Bob Proctor and Michael Beckwith, not only did the movie explode, but the coaches businesses exploded as well.

In the movie you were introduced to the law and given a brief rundown of how to use and apply it to your life. Most people came away from the movie thinking that they could just simply think and things would come to them. As this is part of the manifesting process, there is more to it than just that. Even though the movie touched on it, they didn’t go into great depths as it would have been much too long of a movie if they did.

“Thinking” is the first part of attracting what you want into your life. “Feeling” would be the second part. You can think all you want, but if you don’t feel it and put emotion into it, then it will likely never come to pass. Feeling is almost more important and where a lot of people (including myself) would fail to achieve. This in turn would cause people to just call the law of attraction a hoax and write it off as fake. If it was fake, you had better go tell all the millionaires and successful people over the last 2000 years that have used and applied the law to their life. I would be careful who you take council from on this subject. If you have someone miserable and broke telling you that it is fake and someone with a lot of money or success telling you it is real, who are you likely to believe? As I always say, listen to people who are where you want to be in life.

So where would on ego to learn more about the law outside of just the movie? Well, I know of a great 30 day free law of attraction course that would be a good place to start. Matt is a student of Bob Proctor (from the movie) and gives away a lot of great insights and free coaching in his 30 day free course. From there, I would check out “Six Minutes To Success” as well as “Magic In your Mind” or really any Bob Proctor programs. Bob has honed the craft over the last 54 years and is so good at it that his students rave about his work. The man is a magician. 

Please don’t just take my advice, there are plenty of other coaching programs and opportunities out there, you just have to look around a bit. Tony Robbins also does a good job on teach the basics.


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